Bongs And Dab Rigs – The Definitive Guide
This guide is broken down into 5 sections:
  • What are bongs?
  • How do they work?
  • What are the different types of bongs?
  • How to clean a bong
  • Why trust Smoke Outlet to deliver your next bong?

First things first... 

Delivery Guarantee

If your bong arrives broken, it's up to you. Do you want a replacement? Do you want a refund? Do you have a spare of the broken part and want a partial refund?

You decide what happens, because we use at least 3 protective packaging layers to protect each piece of even the cheapest bongs. The only way the bong will break on its way to you, is if it is dropped from head height/ thrown a distance – We hope our delivery partners aren’t doing this!!


What Is A Bong?

A Bong is the generic name for a smoking pipe which passes the smoke through water. The most common materials for bongs are glass, acrylic and metal with different intrinsic benefits. Bongs are incredibly versatile, with different parts being compatible between different ones. This is because of the 3 standardised sizes for bong joints/holes: 18.8mm, 14.4mm and 10.5mm. 


What are the different types of bongs?

Bongs are usually set up in one of the 2 following formats:

Bong – Used for unrefined plant matter

Dab Rig – Used for essential oils extracted from plant matter – Also known as Oil Rigs

Dab rigs are usually much smaller and more intricate than bongs with a unique method of creating the ‘smoke’ to inhale. Whilst a bong involves lighting a pinch of smoking mix in the bongs bowl

First though, it’s important to know how they work. If this isn’t your first bong rodeo, skip ahead to The Benefits Of A Bong


How Bongs Work

By creating an airtight seal to the mouthpiece, inhaling will draw air through the bong system.

Bong Graphic
  1. The air enters at the bowl, passing over the burning smoking mix/ oil to create a diluted smoke, finally passing through the hole in the bottom of the bowl.
  2. This smoke continues down the downtube which is submerged in water in the main chamber of the bong. When the smoke reaches the end of the downtube, it bubbles upwards out of the water into the main chamber of the bong.
  3. The smoke then proceeds towards the top of the main chamber enabling you to inhale.

For dab rigs, instead of lighting smoking mix, you heat up the banger or nail, add the extract and use a carb cap to restrict airflow enabling a thicker vapour to form.


The Benefits Of A Bong

No Paper - Bongs eliminate the need for rolling papers or wraps which allows the taste of your smoking mix to shine through. Also, by removing the burning paper, there are fewer nasty chemicals to think about.

Less Chemicals – Removing the paper isn’t the only chemical reduction when it comes to bongs; the water filters out some of the nasty chemicals too! If your chosen smoking mix includes oily resins or tobacco, the water will visibly trap the tar produced, decreasing the impact of the wrong chemicals on your lungs.

Versatility – Most bongs can be adapted to your chosen platform, whether you prefer a herbal or resinous mix. After a thorough clean, as long as the joint is the correct size, bangers, nails and bowls are all interchangeable.


How To Clean A Bong

Different cleaning methods can be easier and more effective depending on your individual bong. BUT, there are a few key steps which should be kept the same no matter the bong in order to keep it safe.

  • Set aside a dry space to place the clean bong parts.
  • Pay special attention when the bong is near hard objects to avoid damage.

Small Complicated Glass Bongs

Dr Greens Bong Cleaner

Straight Glass Bongs

Washing Up Liquid + Brushes

Larger Complicated Glass Bongs

Isopropyl Alcohol + Coarse Salt


Small Complicated Bong

Small Bong

Dr Bong Cleaner is the perfect solution for bongs which could become clogged by coarse salt. The bottle has detailed instructions on how to get the best results. If the bong is particularly dirty, simply rinse the bong with hot water before using the bong cleaning solution. Then, allow the bogn cleaner to soak for longer than the bottle suggests. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the bong before its next use


Straight Bong

If there aren’t any complicated bends or percolators to get past, washing up liquid and a bong brush is your best bet.

List Of Materials

  • Pipe cleaning brush (cheap and easy) OR

Wire hanger with a cloth on the end (upcycling and entertaining

Straight Bong
  • Washing up liquid

First, soak the bong and all of the pieces in warm soapy water for 10 minutes to soften the residue left on the glass, then rinse with more hot water.

Apply a generous amount of washing up liquid to the bongs openings and using a pipe cleaning brush, scrub away all of the residue. Repeat this for both the bowl and the downtube.

When all of the parts are scrubbed clean, rinse again with hot water, making sure to wash out all remnants of washing up liquid. Keep rinsing until soapy bubbles do not form when you lightly shake the bong.

Lastly, fill and reassemble the bong and you’re ready to go again!


Larger Complicated Bongs

Large Intricate Bong

If there are bends or complications in your bong, as long as its made from glass, there is only one reasonable way to clean it. Unless you have a few bottles on dr greens bong cleaner, isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt is the cleaning method to use.

First, soak the bong and all of the pieces in warm soapy water for 10 minutes to soften the residue left on the glass, then rinse with more hot water.

Then, add a generous pour of salt and alcohol to cover the alcohol by an inch.

Cover all openings of the bong and shake vigorously for 5 minutes or as long as is required to lift all the residue from the bong.

After, rinse thoroughly with hot water to clear all of the alcohol before the bongs next use.

Which Bong Glass Thickness?

You can't beat a thick piece of glass. No. Really. You can’t.
Don’t believe us?
Well get in touch via Contact Us for a personal 10% off bongs with a thickness of 7mm+
Its undeniable though… Thick glass is more expensive. There are still a few cheaper options when it comes to thick bongs.

The Chongz – Straight To Hell Is just £43.99 for 25cm of 9mm thick glass 

If you’d like to push the boat out a little further, the Chongz - TLC is a little more at £74.99 for 35cm of 9mm thick glass.

Chongz Thick Glass BongChongz TLC Bong

              Chongz – Straight To Hell                                                 Chongz - TLC

Why Buy A Bong From Smoke Outlet?

At Smoke Outlet, we pride ourselves on our high quality customer service, and reasonable pricing. That means, when you buy anything from us – whether it’s £5 or £500+ – you can expect nothing but the best from the moment you land on our site! 
1 – The store is made for you. Don’t like something?  Let us know and we will fight tooth and nail to make it better. Didn’t get a discount? Then there will usually be a surprise freebie tucked away in your delivery! 
2 – When you have filled your basket, we have several secure encrypted payment options. From Visa to Mastercard, Amex to Maestro, Google Pay to Apple Pay, and even PayPal, we want you to feel safe shopping with us. 
3  – Once you place your order, you’ll receive confirmation immediately after with a breakdown of your chosen items. 
4 – You’ll receive another email once we dispatch your order, almost always within 24 ‘working’ hours 
5 – If there is any housekeeping for your order, we will promptly let you know. It’ll never cost you more and we will always include a free gift for the hassle! 
6 – Your order arrives!! From this point we are here for you, whatever you need. Something broken? We’ll send a new one! Don’t like it? Here’s free return and a full refund! Somewhere cheaper? We doubt that… but if there is, you know what to do (Contact Us) 


Bongs And Dab Rigs

We have a large range of bongs and glass rigs in stock from small bubblers, to behemoth glass towers with more percolators than you can shake a stick at! 
If it isn’t in stock, don’t worry, we will get one for you! We have great relationships with all of our glassware suppliers, which means there are over 150 bongs to choose from, delivered to your doorstep within 5 working days maximum. 

Chongz Bongs

Chongz make a huge range of bongs to suit all budgets and tastes. From simple straight bongs, to finely crafted pieces, Chongz definitely know how to work their glass.

Chongz Bongs 

Jaxx USA

Jaxx are a purely higher-end bong manufacturer from… you guessed it, the USA. With some crazy complications in their glass, you can expect quality diffusion with a smoke show too!

Cheap Glass

We run monthly promotions where you can get freebies and save anywhere up to 60% across the product range! – 60% is usually only for 4/20 and Black Friday – Nicely spaced apart


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