Zig Zag Green Cut Corner Papers

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Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Hailing from France, Zig Zag have a long history under their belt. With over 140 years of experience, Zig Zag are rolling paper master craftsmen producing quality papers at a fair price. Featuring on Dr. Dre's first solo album, you know these papers will stand up to their hype!

Single Wide

The standard dimensions of a single wide rolling paper are ~70mm long by ~35mm wide
Single wides are perfect if you’re in a hurry! They are the easiest paper to tuck, and usually come with ‘cut corners’ making them even easier to roll. If you’re on top of a mountain in gale force conditions, or a beginner roller, this is the paper size for you.


Don’t forget the tips. We have a wide range of tips from RAW, Elements, OCB and More! Made from different sizes and stocks of card, with or without perforation, there’s bound to be a booklet for everyone!

Ash Tray

Need an ash tray to keep things tidy? Have a look through our collection of glass, ceramic, and metal ash trays to find the one that will sit best on your table.

Hemp Wraps

A wrap will significantly slow down the burn speed of your smoke. They’re best enjoyed over a longer session… definitely not a quickie!


Zig Zag Green Cut Corner Papers