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Based on 42 reviews
very nice

plastic 4 pieces always horde an unholy amount of kief and this is not exception.


came in great condition and was beautifully packaged and arrived in time

Well Packaged

Items arrived quickly. Items were well boxed and secured in comparison to purchases from other sites. Would definitely use again and recommend.

Perfect as described

Good quality


Great service have gained a new customer 👍

Hemparillo Hemp Blunt Wraps


My friend told me all about Grinder on the internet and said I should give it a go.
This seems to be different from how he described it and, if I’m honest, the device hurts my penis.

Great service

Products arrived early


Not a brilliant pre roll tbh, you only get one for the price and it doesn’t really taste of much. It is clear so quite interesting, burn on it isn’t brilliant but not awful. Was going to give 3/5 however they come in a little cone holder that you can reuse so that’s a bonus considering I paid £4 for my last one!

Love them

These papers are ridiculously thin but make for an amazing smoking experience, not the easiest to roll with so maybe not beginner friendly. Definitely worth a try for any smoker takes me longer to roll with these compared to normal raw so only use them with high quality material as it’s worth the extra effort. Biggest thing to note about these is because of thin they are and made from natural material they can tear easily, if your material isn’t grounded properly or it’s stalky these won’t work for you.


I don’t really get much flavour from these just a little it may be because of the flavour I bought, however they roll fine and smoke okay (not as good as a raw but still decent). Worth getting them if you wanna use a flavoured skin every now and again for a change

Game changer

Always struggled with tips but these help me out so much, cheap and nice to smoke with. Price is decent too! Would be great if they did these in different sizes as I prefer a bit of a longer tip but these are standard size so will do most smokers.


Always have some pre rolls for days when I don’t feel up to rolling or just want to save time. The raw king size are amazing, perfect size with a really nice tip too. Price is brilliant also, smoke outlet seems to be one of the cheapest places to pick them


Very pleased with my purchase, I also received a free gift, a rolling tray, which I love! didn't know i needed it till now, delivery was prompt.
Cheers Smoke Outlet!


I've previously had this bong and it's definitely a favourite, so you can imagine I was sad when I smashed it. So happy I found it here again, came extremely well packaged and very fast (2 days from ordering) in discreet packaging. Couldn't ask for a better service and will definitely be buying more glass from here!


Absolutely amazing products, the 200 pre rolls are a perfect size and save so much time!! Quick shipping Will definitely be ordering again!

Two cones up!

Great service, good selection and arrived quickly!

Nice but a bit small

They were good and nice tasting but they weren't full size cones, they were half sized.


Always stock my blunts on this site and they are always awesome, always roach tips as gifts and a variety of choices. Perfect

Outstanding service

My pay pal was giving me problems and it was no fault of smoke outlet at all but it meant the order took a while to process but they were so helpful during it all and even gave me a freebie to apologise when it wasn't even their fault! Cant rate them highly enough every time I order its on time and perfect

All good

Bang on


Very good service but ive smoked them all hahaha