Chongz - Charm Assault Bong - 16cm

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The Charm Assault bong is a beautifully crafted little bubbler. Balancing glass thickness to provide increased durability whilst maintaining the maximum chamber size. 

With a built in diffuser downstem, there are less removable parts meaning that - fingers crossed - it is less likely to break, both in use and during cleaning.

Cleaning Materials

Since there are lots of small tight bends to clean, we recommend using isopropyl alcohol with a FINE salt as a convenient 2 material solution.

Coarse salt may cause a blockage during cleaning; If only coarse salt is available, 20 grains should be more than enough for the downstem . Coarse salt can be used as standard for the for the main chamber.

As an ideal solution, fine salt for the downstem and coarse for the main chamber, with a generous pour of isopropyl alcohol is the winner!

Make sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water - residual alcohol isn't nice!!

Chongz Bongs

Chongz make a huge range of bongs, from small bubblers, to behemoth glass sculptures. Chongz bongs are easily identifiable by the classic black outline Chongz logo on every bong. Whether you're looking for intricate coloured glass, or a more subtle standard straight pipe, Chongz have you covered!

Bong Information

Ice Notch No
Carb Hole No
Joint Size 14.4mm
Downtube Built In Diffuser Downtube 

Chongz - Charm Assault Bong - 16cm