Chongz - 25cm - G-stick

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Feel The Panda Vibes

Cleaning Materials 

Coarse salt + isopropyl alcohol are the winning cleaning materials for this bong. Place plenty of salt in the bong + a generous pour of isopropyl, cover both holes and shake until all residue has been removed.

The downstem and bowl can be cleaned in the same way. just place them in their own plastic bags and shake away.

Make sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water - residual alcohol isn't nice!!

Chongz Bongs

Chongz make a huge range of bongs, from small bubblers, to behemoth glass sculptures. Chongz bongs are easily identifiable by the classic black outline Chongz logo on every bong. Whether you're looking for intricate coloured glass, or a more subtle standard straight pipe, Chongz have you covered!

 Ice Notch N/A
Carb Hole No
Joint Size 14.4mm
Downtube 2 Piece Diffuser Downtube + Bowl

Chongz - 25cm - G-stick