Highland Original Combo Pack

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Highland Papers 

Established in the late 70’s, Highland have been the leading name in the UK artisan papers for decades. Highland are based in Garve, north west of inverness making them a true home bred rolling brand! They have an iconic pack design whether it’s their envelope, or the special tips pack. These are a treat if rolled properly!

Super King Size Slim

The standard dimensions of a super king size slim rolling paper are ~125mm long by ~37mm wide. These are for the pro rollers and give the most rewarding smoke when rolled properly. Practice makes perfect!


Don’t forget the tips. We have a wide range of tips from RAW, Elements, OCB and More! Made from different sizes and stocks of card, with or without perforation, there’s bound to be a booklet for everyone!

Ash Tray

Need an ash tray to keep things tidy? Have a look through our collection of glass, ceramic, and metal ash trays to find the one that will sit best on your table.

Hemp Wraps

A wrap will significantly slow down the burn speed of your smoke. They’re best enjoyed over a longer session… definitely not a quickie!
Highland Original Combo Pack