Premium Pop Tops - 19 Dram

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When you buy pop tops from Smoke Outlet - or anything else for that matter - you can be sure that you'll be receiving only the highest quality product.

Made from an FDA approved BPA free resin. That means the bottles are up to spec for storing food products without leaving any nasty plastic residue!

Manufactured In The USA

When it comes to pop tops, you get what you pay for...

Being manufactured in the USA by Kush Supply Co. ensures that these pop tops are the same every time. Their strict quality control procedures discard any sub-standard bottles and ensure the product is up to the standards of the country using it! 

Kush Supply Co

Kush Co. isn't your average packaging supplier. They took their time in selecting a resin of the perfect consistency giving an easy opening mechanism without compromise on the smell proof seal.

19 Dram

Aprox. 80ml

Premium Pop Tops - 19 Dram