Raw Black Large Tray

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RAW Metal Rolling Trays

RAW metal rolling trays are pressed from a sheet of metal to form the smoothest edges and uniform thickness throughout. There are plenty of different designs to choose from with sizes too suit all needs. Each RAW tray comes with a certificate of authenticity and a unique QR code for you to verify it's the real deal! If we don't have the design you're looking for, please get in touch via the Contact Us button below and we will try to find it for you.


Large Size Tray

Dimensions: 34cm x 27.5cm
The perfect size for:
- 10 packs of papers, 10 tips, a jumbo grinder and a large storage container.
- Full bong/ bubbler/ rig set up with tools, pokers, blowtorch and storage/mixing bowl
The large tray is for those who like to keep their whole stash in a small organised space


RAW Magnetic Tray Cover

Why not combine with the RAW magnetic tray cover?


Bongs And Rigs

The RAW Medium tray is a perfect companion to your smaller bong, bubbler or rig. With a usable flat base width of just over 10cm, it is best for bongs up to 25cm in height. To check if your bong, bubbler or rig will fit, feel free to Contact Us (<-- Click Me)
Raw Black Large Tray