Raw Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers

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RAW Papers

RAW are the leading supplier of unbleached and unrefined papers to the world. Their factory in Alcoy, Spain is situated perfectly in the path of the dry Valencian winds. The winds provide perfect conditions for making the thinnest, blemish free papers across RAW’s range of products. Aside from rolling papers, RAW make other smoking and non-smoking accessories from gold pokers, to clocks and more.


Single Wide

The standard dimensions of a single wide rolling paper are ~70mm long by ~35mm wide
Single wides are perfect if you’re in a hurry! They are the easiest paper to tuck, and usually come with ‘cut corners’ making them even easier to roll. If you’re on top of a mountain in gale force conditions, or a beginner roller, this is the paper size for you.



Don’t forget the tips. We have a wide range of tips from RAW, Elements, OCB and More! Made from different sizes and stocks of card, with or without perforation, there’s bound to be a booklet for everyone!


Ash Tray

Need an ash tray to keep things tidy? Have a look through our collection of glass, ceramic, and metal ash trays to find the one that will sit best on your table.

Hemp Wraps

A wrap will significantly slow down the burn speed of your smoke. They’re best enjoyed over a longer session… definitely not a quickie!


Certified Vegan Friendly

While some rolling paper brands are still using animal-based gums, RAW is strides ahead using a sustainably sourced natural organic Acacia gum. The harvest process is similar to that of maple syrup, tapping the tree to slowly extract the resin. The resin is filtered and pasteurised to remove contaminants and then applied in a thin layer to each RAW paper. RAW also takes care not to use any genetically modified organisms in the production of its papers.

The RAW Foundation

RAW is uniquely philanthropic amongst rolling paper brands. They have funded projects on water wells in Ethiopia, clean water in Peru, orphanages in Indonesia and many more. With each RAW product purchased, you can be sure that a charity somewhere is winning too!
Raw Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers