RAW Supernatural Cone (1 Pack)

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Whats Inside?

A Foot Long Cone. 

That Is All.

RAW Rolling Papers

The whole range of RAW rolling papers are unbleached and unrefined. They’re also manufactured without any chalk, dyes or burn additives, preserving the natural flavour of your smoke. The ingredients are as simple as “plants and plant starch”. The patented criss-cross watermark signature to all RAW papers ensures a smooth burn all the way down.


Who Are They?

RAW are the leading supplier of unbleached and unrefined papers to the world. Their factory in Alcoy, Spain is situated perfectly in the path of the dry Valencian winds. The winds provide perfect conditions for making the thinnest, blemish free papers across RAW’s range of products. Aside from rolling papers, RAW make other smoking and non-smoking accessories from roach tips to inflatable joints and more.


Certified Vegan Friendly

While some rolling paper brands are still using animal-based gums, RAW is strides ahead using a sustainably sourced natural organic Acacia gum. The harvest process is similar to that of maple syrup, tapping the tree to slowly extract the resin. The resin is filtered and pasteurised to remove contaminants and then applied in a thin layer to each RAW paper. RAW also takes care not to use any genetically modified organisms in the production of its papers.


The RAW Foundation

RAW is uniquely philanthropic amongst rolling paper brands. They have funded projects on water wells in Ethiopia, clean water in Peru, orphanages in Indonesia and many more. With each RAW product purchased, you can be sure that a charity somewhere is winning too!


RAW Supernatural Cone (1 Pack)