Rizla Silver King Size Slim Papers

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Rizla Rolling Papers

Rizla were the pioneers of rolling papers, developing a paper specifically for smoking in 1660. Before then, the alternatives were scraps of paper or expensive and fragile pipes. More recently, in 1942 Rizla were the first to apply a glue strip to the paper, creating the world’s first complete rolling paper solution. Rizla have been leading the way since the very beginning and are the staple of any newsagent or headshop.

If you haven’t seen Rizlas latest creation, we would suggest you look urgently! (Hint: Think Bamboo)

King Size Slim

The standard dimensions of a king size slim rolling paper are ~110mm long by ~44mm wide
Ah, the chosen size of the masses. The king size slim paper is seen to be the perfect mix between length and width. Narrow enough that back-rolling is still an option, but not too narrow that a thin smoke tastes of the paper.



Don’t forget the tips. We have a wide range of tips from RAW, Elements, OCB and More! Made from different sizes and stocks of card, with or without perforation, there’s bound to be a booklet for everyone!

Ash Tray

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Hemp Wraps

A wrap will significantly slow down the burn speed of your smoke. They’re best enjoyed over a longer session… definitely not a quickie!
Rizla Silver King Size Slim Papers